#OMGKRK: The Startup Community of Cracow (Kraków), Poland

A hub where entrepreneurs, developers, designers, and other growth-focused individuals connect, build, and grow.

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What is #OMGKRK

#OMGKRK is the startup community of Cracow, Poland. We are an inclusive group of people with a common goal of building innovative tech-based products while promoting Cracow and Poland wordwide.

We value the pay-it-foward mentality and openness in our community culture. We feel that our community benefits by sharing knowledge with each other.

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We have gathered interviews and short profiles of the community members. You are welcomed to join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter.

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There are over 200 startup comapnies in Cracow hiring over 5,000 people

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Over 500 tech and entrepreneurial events take place in Cracow every year. Read our guide or browse all the events below.

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Media contact

The fastest way to reach us is emailing media@omgkrk.com. This email is checked regularly by:

Bart Józefowski

Incubator contact person

Chris Moose

VC contact person

Kamil Łopata

Event organizer

Paul Nowak

Serial entrepreneur

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Great! This website is a community effort. If you think you can contribute to it in any way, get in touch with us at website@omgkrk.com. This email will reach Paul Nowak and Kamil Łopata. We are always looking for smart, engaged people who would like to contribute a little of their time and effort to building the community. Do feel welcomed to reach out to us. We're waiting for you!