Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Membership Subscription Model:

For Early Adopters Through 2018


The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK has the mission of building a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow by:
1) Inspiring and educating the next generation of technology and creative entrepreneurs.
2) Developing a platform to increase connectivity within the Krakow tech, startup and entrepreneurial community.

Our value for members revolves around:

1) Brand Awareness

2) Recruitment

3) Deal Flow

Venture Member | 2000pln+ Monthly

Have a unique need in the Krakow innovation ecosystem? The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK can create a customized membership to fit your goals.

Stakeholder Membership  | 1000pln Monthly

1. Fund Programs That Advance The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Mission.
2. Increase You Brand Awareness With Your Logo Present On #OMGKRK Key Visuals.
A) Facebook Fanpage (5,300 Likes)
B) Facebook Discussion Group (5,600 Members)
C) Website Footer
D) The Pitch Footer (3000 Subscribers)

3. Place A Job Offer On #OMGKRK Website Homepage And The Pitch.

A) #OMGKRK Marketing Team Support

4. Highlighted As Stakeholder Member in #OMGKRK Innovation Database.

5. Stakeholder Member Post On Members Page.
A) Members Page Shared On Every #OMGKRK Organized Event.

5. Quarterly #OMGKRK Stakeholder Report Summerizing Activities + Data.
6. Quarterly Stakeholder Member Dinner.

7. #OMGKRK Ambassador Opportunity.

Stakeholder Members

Community Membership | 100pln Monthly

1. Highlighted As Community Member In #OMGKRK Innovation Ecosystem Database.

2. #OMGKRK Community Member Profile Post.

3. Co-Branded #OMGKRK Community Member Graphic.

4. Your Profile Post Shared In „The Pitch” Newsletter And Blog Post.
5. Ability To Sponsor And Partner With #OMGKRK events.

6. Discount On Placing Job Offers.

Community Members