Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Membership Subscription Model:

For Early Adopters Through 2018


The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK has the mission of building a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow by:
1) Inspiring and educating the next generation of technology and creative entrepreneurs.
2) Developing a platform to increase connectivity within the Krakow tech, startup and entrepreneurial community.


3 Tier System

1) Corporation + Custom | 2,000 PLN monthly
2) Standard Membership | 1,000 PLN monthly
3) Community Membership | 100 PLN monthly


Custom or Corporate Membership

1. Have a unique need in the Krakow innovation ecosystem? Contact Us.


Standard Membership Value Proposition

1. Fund programs that advance the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK mission.
2. Increase brand awareness with logo presence on #OMGKRK key visuals.
A) Facebook Fanpage (5,100 likes)
B) Facebook Discussion Group (5,500 members)
C) Website Footer
D) Newsletter Footer (Sent to 3000 subscribers weekly)
3. Present your content, message and call-to-action to thousands of innovators in Krakow.
A) Job offer/ opportunity on #OMGKRK website homepage.

4. Profile of your company on #OMGKRK members page.

A) Members page shared on every #OMGKRK organized event.

5. Monthly #OMGKRK Member report summerizing activities and data.
6. Quarterly Member Dinner for #OMGKRK Ambassadors.

7. Highlighted in the #OMGKRK Innovation Databse.


Community Membership

1. Highlighted In #OMGKRK Innovation Datase
A) Appear in top row of respective base.
B) Add custom description of your company.
C) Add contact name and contact email to profile.
2. #OMGKRK Community Member Profile Blog Post.
3. Share your job offer / opportunity in #OMGKRK newsletter.

4. Ability to sponsor and partner with #OMGKRK events.