Entrepreneur Club strives to be Krakow’s premier event bringing together the city’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs working in creative fields to share knowledge, exchange networks and catalyze new ideas. By inviting distinguished and accomplished speakers to attract an ambitious and motivated audience with a strong dose of art and music mixed in, Entrepreneur Club is a late evening well spent for anyone trying to take their project to the next level. Entrepreneur Club Is an attempt to support young creators in turning their passion into a viable career and advance the monetization of their work by showing the best examples working in Krakow and beyond.

New E-Club Night

Past Club Nights

Entrepreneur Club #3: Innovators Underground

Thursday, July 26th, 2018 – Szpitalna 1


For Entrepreneur Club #3: Innovators Underground you are invited once again to descend the stairs into the friendly and electric basement of Krakow’s creative haven Szpitalna 1 for an evening of inspiration, know-how, networking and live music with creative entrepreneurs from across industries applying a ”make-it-happen” mentality.

E-Club #3 Creative Innovators:

Anna Migacz-Lesińska 
Warsaw-based fashion entrepreneur Anna Migacz Lesińska leads the CARGO by OWEE brand creating huge, ultra-light and comfortable bags and backpacks that can hold anything you throw in them because they are made of army-grade durable fabric CORDURA. Learn how Anna went from vision to entrepreneurial venture building a product loved by its users.

Marcin Wądek and Jakub Wojas
Event organizers Marcin Wądek and Jakub Wojas who are Founders and Board Members of Fundacja Promocji Sztuki „TOR” / Foundation Promoting Art „TOR” more commonly known as Techno Rączka, will share how they took matters into their own hands and built an organization that is organizing, promoting and powering some of the premier electronic music experiences in terms of scale and international talent happening in Krakow today including TOR2 and WIANKI. Learn how Fundacja Promocji Sztuki TOR went from idea to team organizing a 500+ person ticketed event delivering a one-of-a-kind experience for music and culture lovers.

Samur Isma
Joining us from Wrocław, Samur Isma is the mind behind FREEYORK. Founded in 2009, FREEYORK is a community-driven platform where users share their stories and artworks.  Samur is also a project manager at IBM and filmmaker. He started his career in 2007 as a graphic designer and his passion for informatics brought him to study computer science at the Eastern Mediterranean University in Mersin and, then, at the Technical University of Wroclaw – where he graduated in computer science and marketing. He is also a former organizer of Startup Weekend Wrocław.

Afterparty: 26.07 | FRESH START w/ Luà, IustIna, Satin de Compostela

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Entrepreneur Club #2 : Creative Innovators Night

Thursday, May 31st, 2018 – Szpitalna 1


In the first edition in 2018, Entrepreneur Club returns to the underground cellar of Krakow’s buzzing Szpitalna 1 with a solid line up of creative entrepreneurs ready to share their knowledge and live DJs set to keep the beats going deep into the evening.

E-Club #2 Creative Innovators:

Marta Horovitz
Topic: How I Found A Market For My Fashion Designs
Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer at horovitz

Hubert Pokrowiecki
Topic: Building A Creative Communication Agency From The Ground Up
CEO at Funktional

Marek Ciesla
Topic: Serial Creativity: Realizing Idea After Idea 
Founder at Barber House Krakow Co-founder at Indie Designers Co-founder at Crosslifterdenim Chief executive officer at Woolet Co-founder atALLPlayer Founder and Owner at MIMIGroup Co-founder at sher.ly

Afterparty: FRESH START w/ Veronica Mi, Gillu, Lou Lens | Szpitalna 1

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Entrepreneur Club #1 – Innovation In The Arts

Szpitalna 1 – October 25th, 2017

Entrepreneur Club debuted during the fall of 2017 taking over Krakow’s premier underground nightclub Szpitalna 1 (voted Poland’s ‘Place Of The Year” by tastemaking magazine AKTIVIST) bringing together bringing together entrepreneurs and innovators at the forefront of Krakow’s creative scene. Speakers included:

  • Brain Kaczynski & Noam Lavi of Sonicsmith making analog synthesizers.
  • Bogdan Tyskyy – CEO of Framewhere a marketplace for photographers and videographers.
  • Zofia Zin – Designer
  • Michał Hyjek – CEO of creative house Aiorai Computer Systems.
  • Hubert Kaszycki – CEO of Piloci Studio  a creative label specialized in visual art.

The afterparty was DJed by Chino who was selected to take part in Red Bull Music Academy 2018.




This project is realized with the financial support of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

Projekt realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Województwa Małopolskiego.