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inFakt ( has been transforming the Polish accounting services market since 2008. As inFakt, we’ve come a long way from a company with a simple invoicing web app, through services for self-service accounting (a web app again), to the most sophisticated service called the Full Service Accounting.

Based on our experience, we’ve learnt how to work with immense numbers of customers and how to optimize the work of accountants. In this way, accountants can focus on verification, client advisory and provide solutions to clients’ problems.

We believe that mobile invoicing and accounting solutions are often overly complicated. So we
focused on simplicity, trying to facilitate the process of issuing invoices as much as possible. Our app allows you to create and send new invoices and estimates with just a few finger taps.

Of course, ‘simple’ doesn’t mean ‘ugly’. It goes without saying that beautiful products win, so our users are provided with a selection of cool invoice templates helping their invoices stand out from the crowd.

Trusted by more than 400 000 entrepreneurs.


Date of founding: 2008

Names of Founders:

Wiktor Sarota – CEO, Co-Founder

Sebastian Bobrowski – CTO, Co-Founder

Main focus/product:

Full Service Accounting

How many members in your team?
50 – 100

What is special or unique about your company?
Talented people, technology, simplicity, design, values.

How can you help others in the community?
Education, knowledge (workshops, videos, blogs), internships.

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