#OMGKRK X-Massive 2018: Expand Your Network 


„We are trying to expand your network. But we can only show you the landing page. You are the one that has to register.” - #OMGKRK

Enter The (Holiday) Matrix 

Unplug from the online simulation and meet hundreds of innovators face-to-face at #OMGKRK X-Massive 2018. For the 4th year, the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK invites everyone in Krakow’s innovation ecosystem for an evening of combining business with pleasure at this holiday party with an edge.

This winter X-Massive downloads it’s event theme from The Matrix and taps into its depiction of science fiction and iconic use of programming and code imagery. But instead of a dystopic future, we patch the program with holiday joy and cheer.

Who is X-Massive for? Hackers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Creators, Computer Programmers, Cyberpunks, Innovators, Students, Recruiters, Analytics Wizards, Social Media Managers, Superhumans, Content Makers, Website Builders, Futurists, Database Architects, Hardware Lovers , Business Developers and anyone who is motivated, can learn fast, likes to have a good time and wants to plug into Krakow’s innovation ecosystem. 

VRCafe – Dolnych Mlynow

Hidden in the sprawling entertainment complex Dolnych Młynow functions the mysterious VRCafe. It’s interiors bear a striking resemblance to the fictional city of Zion decipted in The Matric film. Zion is the last human city on the planet Earth after a cataclysmic nuclear war between mankind  sentient machines. With spraypaint on the walls, eerie lighting and flickering screens plus christmas trees, candy canes and santa hats, VRCafe provides over 300m2 of unique ambiance and numerous rooms and experiences for you to explore with new friends. Follow the Facebook event here.

„ After this, there is no turning back. You can leave this page without registering - the story ends, you miss out on a great party and believe whatever you want to believe. Or, you register and come to #OMGKRK X-Massive 2018 - you stay there all night and you see how awesome the Krakow Startup Community really is." - #OMGKRK

Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Stakeholder Members