Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Mission:

The mission of the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK is to build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow, Poland.

Our main focus is to:

1) Grow the local digital economy.

– Innovative Krakow Campaign And Report.

2) Create a connected community with content, tools and events.

3) Inspire and educate entrepreneurs.

– Dragons Cave Pre-Acceleration Program.

By expanding the diversity of stakeholders and partners through membership, the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK works to grow and integrate Krakow’s startup community.

Value Proposition For Members

Beyond your critical support for advancing our mission and key programs, the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK membership includes valueable services that will help your organization grow including:

1) Increased Brand Awareness

2) Unique Recruitment Channel

3) Deal Flow And Lead Generation

4) Members Only Networking Opportunities

Venture Member Opportunity 

The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK is searching for a premier organization that advances innovation and entrepreneurship to be a strategic partner for key programs as a Venture Member through 2019.

  • Distinguished As A Venture Member On All #OMGKRK Key Visuals And Platforms
  • Distinguished As A Venture Member In The “Innovative Krakow 2019 Report”
  • Strategic Partner Of Dragons Cave Pre-Accelerator Program And Demo Day.
  • Full Benefits Of Stakeholder Membership

Stakeholder Members

Stakeholder Membership  | 1000pln Monthly

Stakeholder Members are established organizations in the Krakow innovation ecosystem who act as leaders in supporting the local startup community.

The benefits of Stakeholder Membership include:

1. Funding And Influencing Programs That Advance The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Mission.

2. Increased Awareness Of Your Brand With Your Logo On:

–  Website Footer

–  Facebook Fanpage And Discussion Group

– ‘The Pitch’ Newsletter And Blog Post Footer

3. Creation Of Detailed Stakeholder Profile On #OMGKRK Members Page.

4. Highlighted As A Stakeholder In The #OMGKRK Krakow Innovation Ecosystem Database.

5. Improve Recruitment By Placing Up To 3 Career Opportunities On The #OMGKRK Jobs Page.

6. Receive #OMGKRK Operations Team Support.

7. Quarterly Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK KPI Report For Stakeholder Members.

8. Invitation To Quarterly “Members Only” Networking Dinner.

9. Given Priority In #OMGKRK Event Partnerships.

Community Members

Monthly Community Membership


Community Membership | 100pln Monthly

We invite all organizations engaged in Krakow’s entrepreneur and technology community to join the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK in building a world innovation ecosystem by becoming a Community Member.

The benefits of Community Membership include:

1. Supporting Programs That Advance The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK Mission.

2. Creation Of Detailed Community Member Profile On #OMGKRK Members Page.

– Your Profile Shared In ‘The Pitch’ Newsletter And Blog Post.

3. Highlighted As Community Member In The #OMGKRK Krakow Innovation Ecosystem Database.

4. Improve Recruitment By Placing 1 Job On The #OMGKRK Jobs Page.

5. Membership Gives The Ability To Sponsor And Partner With #OMGKRK events.

6. Invitation To Quarterly “Members Only” Networking Dinner.