, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view

Entrepreneur Club #5

Thursday December 13th, 2018

19:30 | Szpitalna 1

As the sounds of 2018 begin to fade out, omgkrk and Szpitalna 1 partner up to drop one more Entrepreneur Club into the mix before the annual set is over. As part of the event mission to inspire and educate the next generation of creative entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Club has hosted creators from Krakow and all over Poland including Going., Cargo by OWEE, FREEYORK, Up To Date Festival, Off Radio Krakow, Techno Raczka, Funktional and Marta Horovitz who have shared their creative and entrepreneurial story.

Entrepreneur Club strives to be Krakow’s premier event bringing together the city’s leading innovators and entrepreneurs working in creative fields to share knowledge, exchange networks and catalyze new ideas. By inviting distinguished and accomplished speakers to attract an ambitious and motivated audience with a strong dose of art and music mixed in, Entrepreneur Club is a late evening well spent for anyone trying to take their project to the next level. Entrepreneur Club Is an attempt to support young creators in turning their passion into a viable career and advance the monetization of their work by showing the best examples working in Krakow and beyond.


, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view

Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski

PR Manager & Co-Curator at Unsound Festival

Unsound Festival is an annual music festival that takes place in dealing with evolving and mutating forms of music, as well as related visual arts. Apart from the main festival, Unsound regularly takes place in cities around the world such as New York, London, Adelaide, Toronto, and Minsk. The first Unsound festival in Kraków, Poland took place in 2003, starting out as a local, underground event in the city’s cellar bars. It currently falls towards the end of October and lasts around one week. Starting out as an event focused on Polish audiences, in recent years it has rapidly developed to become one of the most prominent events of its kind in Europe.

Łukasz Warna-Wiesławski Unsound’s co-curator and pr manager. His daily activities at the festival include working on the music program, booking artists, copywriting, and media relations. Apart from that, he also works as an agent for Unsound Productions, representing Kenyan artist Slikback. He comes from a music journalism background. In 2010 he founded Niezal Codzienny, a now-defunct website devoted to new independent music, which lead to him taking over the festival’s social media in 2012. In the past he’s been also freelancing at other outlets, and has hosted a radio show at OFF Radio Kraków. He’s also DJ-ing as Rusałka and from time to time he’s booking smaller parties at Szpitalna 1.


, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view

Rafał Romanowski

Editor-In-Chief at Re:view

Re:view is an online medium covering the newest trends in technology, business, people and culture. Re:view stands out by its use of short video format and tele-journalism with strong creative branding. Rafał Romanowski is the Re:view’s Editor-In-Chief and former editor of Whatsup Magazine.

Rafal Romanowski is a journalist, publicist, writer, traveler, lecturer and trainer in one.


– organizes an internet hybrid medium & short video production studio The Re: view [city / business / startup / hype / eco / lifestyle]


– writes for “What’s Up Magazine” about new trends, technology, business, travel & leisure (editor in chief) : http://whatsupmagazine.pl/

– posted for “Gazeta Wyborcza” about politics, trends, social media, politics, different countries of the globe: http://wyborcza.pl/0,0.html

– published for polish media: “Polityka”, “Newsweeek”, “Didaskalia”, “LOGO”, “Tygodnik Powszechny”, “Gazeta.pl”, “Wyborcza.pl”, “Onet.pl”

– lectures in journalism at the faculty of sociology at the Jagiellonian University and at Tischner High European School (both in Krakow, Poland)

– traveled through UE countries and: Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Namibia, Thailand, Syria, China, Georgia, Morocco, Oman, Ukraine, Iceland, Moldova, Lebanon, Israel, US, Seychelles, UAE

– co-author of 2 books on Krakow

– active on Twitter as @FkrutceCom

, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view

Jacek Peszko

Brand Ambassador at Brooklyn Brewery Polska

Topic: How An American Craft Beer Scaled In The Polish Market

Jacek Peszko is  Brand Ambassador of the The Brooklyn Brewery craft beer which is also available in Poland. Brooklyn is a brand of craft brewery opened in New York after the Prohibition period. Brooklyn Brewery likewise Brooklyn district supports local initiatives, open and close to new opportunities, with respect for history, culture and diversity. Despite its short presence, Brooklyn has already achieved several successes in Poland. Some of them are Unsound Festival in Krakow, Clock Machine concert in Katowice, or local music initiatives including WodaWater or Techno Rączka.

Product Pitch: NESS

By Dawid Kuba Chmielarz

, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view
, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view

Entrepreneur Club #4 Recap Video

Inside Szpitalna 1

, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view

This event is realized with the financial support of Małopolska.

, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view


, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view
, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view
, Entrepreneur Club #5: Unsound, Brooklyn Brewery & Re:view