Futurehome, Futurehome

Futurehome is a smart home and smart building company founded in Norway in 2013 and growing internationally. Our mission is to simplify how people experience everyday life by creating an accessible, safe, and smart way of living thanks to new technologies.

We are passionate about what we do and want to interact with other, like-minded individuals and teams to explore possibilities of IoT and Design in creating great experiences for users. On the market since 2013, we know our strengths and consciously scale up.

We started because the market was getting flooded with connected devices, fragmented across multiple standards but no companies were helping customers to have a complete home experience where it all worked seamlessly together.

We simplify making our homes smart by creating an IoT infrastructure that enables products to work seamlessly together and build services on top. With well-developed solutions working as a centralized system, we help our customers increase the comfort and security of their homes, save time and money as well as preserve the environment.