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Let’s Hangout!

Hangout is a monthly event bring #innovations, #startups, #technology and #IT people from Krakow together. It’s a space to talk about plans, common initiatives and trends in IT industry segments in an informal & casual surrounding of top Krakow bars and pubs.

So far, we’ve organized over 25 meetings for 1000+ attendees and visited MAK, FORUM Przestrzenie, Taras, Hevre, The Temple, NEON, Alchemia, F:LaTO, Busz, PAON, Weźże Krafta, Stakkato Art Space, Pacura Studios and Targowa2.

We live in the city of a lot of opportunities, top talents and companies of the future. Take advantage of it! Join us, make new connections, expand your projects and help us build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow!

Registration for the event in mandatory. We offer welcome drinks to the first 25 registered attendees!

Who can attend?

OMGKRK members and other registered representatives of local tech and innovation ecosystem

When & where?

Tuesday, 16th April, 6:30 PM
Mogilska43 Cowork, Kraków

Our Special Guests

Experts from innovation and investment promotion agency of Canton of Vaud, Switzerland.

Yulia Blaser – Head of Foreign Direct Investment, Innovaud;
Patrick Barbey – CEO InnoVaud
Moderator: Dominika Walec – CEO OMGKRK

Internationalization tips: Scaling Your Company in Switzerland

Join us for an exciting event tailored for Małopolska innovative companies seeking international expansion opportunities.

During the event we’d be thrilled to launch a new MVP service dedicated to supporting the global expansion of our local startups, operated by our extensive network of partners across various countries including Switzerland, Germany, France, Nordic countries, and more.

Discover how this service can empower your journey towards scaling your startup in Switzerland and beyond, while also gaining valuable insights into navigating the Swiss business landscape from representatives of our Partner InnoVaud.

Key discussion topics:

  1. Reasons for Expanding into Switzerland:
    Explore why Switzerland is an attractive destination for international expansion.
  2. Incentives and Support for Foreign Startups:
    Discover the specific incentives and support mechanisms Switzerland offers to attract foreign startups, particularly from Poland.
  3. Setting Up a Company in Switzerland:
    Learn about the process and key considerations for establishing a company in Switzerland, including legal requirements and registration procedures.
  4. Access to Funding and Investments:
    Explore how Switzerland facilitates access to funding and investment opportunities for foreign startups through its vibrant ecosystem and investor networks.
  5. Cultural Aspects and Case Studies:
    Gain insights into the cultural aspects of running a business in Switzerland and hear from case studies of startups that have successfully expanded into the Swiss market.
  6. Advantages of Switzerland’s R&D Ecosystem:
    Delve into the benefits of Switzerland’s robust R&D ecosystem for startups, focusing on sectors like AI, biotech, and cybersecurity.
  7. Regulatory Environment and Ongoing Support:
    Discuss the regulatory landscape in Switzerland and the ongoing support and resources provided by the Swiss government to foreign companies post-establishment.

Main Target group

Scale up and startup founders operating in fintech, data protection, cybersecurity, digital governance, cryptography, quantum computing, Artificial Intelligence, biometrics, blockchain, biotech.

Reserve your spot today to be part of this special event!

Project is realized with financial support of Małopolska Innovative.

Hangout, Upcoming Hangout

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Hangout, Upcoming Hangout

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The mission of OMGKRK is to build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow.