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Let’s Hangout!

Hangout is a monthly event bring #innovations, #startups, #technology and #IT people from Krakow together. It’s a space to talk about plans, common initiatives and trends in IT industry segments in an informal & casual surrounding of top Krakow bars and pubs.

So far, we’ve organized over 20 meetings for 800+ attendees and visited MAK, FORUM Przestrzenie, Taras, Hevre, The Temple, NEON, Alchemia, F:LaTO, Busz, PAON, Weźże Krafta, Stakkato Art Space, Pacura Studios and Targowa2.

We live in the city of a lot of opportunities, top talents and companies of the future. Take advantage of it! Join us, make new connections, expand your projects and help us build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow!

Registration for the event in mandatory. We offer welcome drinks to the first 25 registered attendees!

Who can attend?

OMGKRK members and other registered representatives of local tech and innovation ecosystem

Upcoming Hangout!

Monday, 27th of November


Our Special Guest!

Szymon Niemczura Serial Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of the leading Krakow startups such as, Codewise, Talent Alpha

Today, Szymon is building AI Voice Agents at Hellobot at Iteo Voice Solutions, and dealing with plastic waste with fungi at ecomyko.

Unlocking the Entrepreneurial Journey: A Fireside Chat with Szymon Niemczura

Join us for a fireside chat moderated by Dominika Walec, CEO of OMGKRK and listen to Szymon’s untold stories from his dynamic journey in the world of startups. This exclusive session will offer a rare glimpse into the highs, lows, and invaluable lessons learned throughout his remarkable career.
What to Expect:

Real Stories, Real Insights:
Discover the authentic stories behind the challenges and triumphs that have defined his entrepreneurial path.

Navigating Co-founder and Investor Relationships:
Gain firsthand insights into the red flags to watch out for in co-founder and investor relationships, and learn strategies to build strong, lasting partnerships.

Building Winning Teams:
Uncover the secrets behind Szymon’s methodology for assembling and leading successful teams, fostering a culture of innovation and collaboration.

Lessons from Mistakes:
Hear about the most important mistakes Szymon has encountered and the invaluable lessons they’ve imparted, providing a roadmap for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Next Hangouts in 2023:

  • Monday, 14th December, X-mas Hangout, Blürbstudio

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The mission of OMGKRK is to build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow.

Project is realized with financial support of Małopolska Innovative.

Hangout, Upcoming Hangout