, Krakow Startup Week 2017


Impact.Tech: Using Technology For Social Good

Monday, October 23rd, 2017

The Stage
, Krakow Startup Week 2017

A Krakow edition of an international initiative that supports the development of technology for the public good aimed at achieving development goals outlined by the United Nations. The event will feature international guests and promising companies who will present how technology can create solutions for real-world problems and challenges like pollution, access to education or treatment for diseases. In partnership with Hive 53, Impact.Tech presents a new value system that combines people and profit that provides a guide for a new generation of entrepreneurs. 

#OMGKRK Academy #5: Krakow Goes Global

Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

Kolanko No. 6

, Krakow Startup Week 2017

#OMGKRK Academy is an event cycle that combines big idea storytelling of TED talks with the applicable business knowledge of Y Combinator delivered by experienced entrepreneurs. Curated by OMGKRK Foundation President and serial entrepreneur Paweł Nowak , this special edition of OMGKRK Academy will host young founders from beyond Poland who started their firms at an early age and have achieved global success. The event offers a unique opportunity for international networking for Krakow entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneur Club: Innovation In The Arts

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

Szpitalna 1

, Krakow Startup Week 2017

Innovation and entrepreneurship are matched with creativity and the arts during this unique event showcasing exceptional Krakow projects in the arts industry. Taking place in the cultural hub Szpitalna 1, Entrepreneur Club will shine the spotlight on innovators who are making technological advances that are creating solutions for and empowering creative professionals along with expanding the boundaries of audio, video and interactive experiences. The evening’s program will feature presentations from the founders of hardware synthesizer startup Sonicsmith and photographer marketplace startup Framewhere who will share their entrepreneurial journey and business model.

Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch

Thursday, October 26th, 2017

Club 89

, Krakow Startup Week 2017Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch is a format that features entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas in order to secure investment feedback and possible finance from a panel of angels investors or experienced entrepreneurs.

The pitch contestants would be from various fields, students looking to validate the idea, young entrepreneurs with already existing business and businesses looking to scale up the operations, who have what they consider to be a viable and potentially very profitable business idea, but who lack funding and direction. Contestants will pitch their idea to entrepreneurial business people, who will be referred to as “Wawel Dragons”.

Startups will compete for 10,000 złoty+ in prize money.

Start KRK Up Gala:

Visioning Krakow Tech

Friday, October 27th, 2017


, Krakow Startup Week 2017After a week of hard work and inspiration, #OMGKRK invites all participants of Krakow Startup Week for an evening of partying, fun and networking at Manggha on the bank of the Wisła River. The goal is to bring the entire tech, entrepreneur, and startup community under one roof to strengthen our professional partnerships and friendships. With a formal theme and an evening full of surprises, the Start KRK Up Gala promises to be a memorable experience and a highlight of the week.

Practical Usages of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technologies

Saturday, October 28th, 2017


, Krakow Startup Week 2017One of the most innovative emerging technologies today is in the area of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The Crypto@Cracow meetup is a dynamic community of professional and enthusiasts working in this field who will lead an event addressing the rapidly changing market of online payment processing and peer-to-peer technologies.

Krakow Startup Week – Start KRK Up is realized with financial support from the City of Krakow.

, Krakow Startup Week 2017