, Open Coffee: Your Morning Cup Of Networking
Open Coffee Group Photo @ Coworking Rynek Główny 28.

Open Coffee: Your Morning Cup Of Networking


Open Coffee is an networking event that takes place every other Thursday morning at 8:00am. It is a place for individuals interested in entrepreneurship and technology to promote their business or project while meeting new people. The event is hosted in English due to the diversity of attendees and the belief that English is the language of business. The meeting is also live streamed which brings a larger audience. We use a computer and projector to pull up websites. The Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK sponsors the coffee. 


Each individual has two minutes to say:

  • Who they are
  • What they do
  • What they are looking for
  • How they can help
, Open Coffee: Your Morning Cup Of Networking
Paying attention to 2 minute pitch.

Yes, it’s that simple. The meeting formally ends at 9:00am. This is followed by a networking part when individuals follow up with who they found interesting. It is a simple formula that has generated a lot of results in the local community since 2011 under the leadership of long-time Open Coffee host Richard Lucas

Why come to Open Coffee?

  • Promote Your Project
  • Find A Client Or Partner
  • Find An Employee
  • Find A Job
  • Learn About Opportunities And Events
  • Drink A Coffee

Please register for the next Open Coffee on Meetup. Pasting your pitch in the comment section is recommended. You should also follow the Open Coffee facebook fanpage

, Open Coffee: Your Morning Cup Of Networking
Netowrking After 9:00am