The mission of OMGKRK is to build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow.

, Our Mission


We raise awareness. We educate the next generations of entrepreneurs. We create new opportunities. We bring innovations, startups, technology, and IT people together.

The foundation leads initiatives in three verticals.

Building a community

Creating a connected network of businesses, organizations, and individuals, creating space for dialogue, B2B and B2C matchmaking, learning from each other, and best practice sharing.

Ecosystem branding

Developing a positive brand for the Krakow innovation ecosystem and local companies. Attracting top talents, investors, and companies from other regions & abroad to grow the local digital economy.

Education and acceleration
Inspiration, know-how and support for technology people and entrepreneurs at all stages.


For the last 10 years OMGKRK has been animating Krakow Innovation Ecosystem growing into a leading digital platform and entrepreneur network with international reach.

During this time OMGKRK organized 80 events, we ran 4 acceleration programs, we involved 150 speakers, mentors, experts, and we collaborated with 200+ members and partners.

We have international DNA and are a hub for foreigners willing to develop their businesses & careers in Krakow.


The story of the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK is the growth journey from a community hashtag to a full-stack ecosystem developer and unique player in the Polish innovation ecosystem.

2013 – 2017: Ecosystem Soil

A fertile ecosystem soil was maturing in Krakow with strong STEM skills, an active IT community and an emerging entrepreneurial spirit. In 2013, a startup ecosystem event crowdsourced #OMGKRK as its ecosystem hashtag.  In 2016, a group of leaders in the community created the Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK with a founding charter of popularizing technology entrepreneurship and growing the ecosystem.

Pre-Seed Stage 2018: Early Stage Events

The Foundation applied its mission in practice by operating and executing like a startup.

The organization received crucial early-stage support from individuals like Richard Lucas, Paweł Nowak, Bartosz Józefowski from Krakow Technology Park and Sunny Vashishta from Symphony Solutions as early champions. Their social proof helped secure the first public financing from the City Of Krakow and Małoposlka for events to accelerate early-stage entrepreneurs.

The website features an innovation ecosystem database and event landing pages in a bold brand inspired by a coding screen with emphasized color that is reaching a growing market share of innovators in the Krakow region. The overarching mission was set to build a world-class innovation ecosystem in Krakow believing that the entire ecosystem must grow for individuals and organizations to grow. Our initiatives focus on ecosystem branding, matchmaking and acceleration.

Seed Stage 2019: B2B Membership Model

The increased engagement from entrepreneurs and organizations in the ecosystem identified a mutual need with talent and recruiting. Our solution is a two-way market place sharing career opportunities while growing an inbound candidate funnel via the Jobs page.

Our membership model enables matchmaking and lead generation opportunities with the support of account managers and an active Slack channel. In addition, decision-makers from members contributed additional value like being mentors in our acceleration programs.

Events continued to reach a higher quality of both substance and audience experience. 

The Foundation developed an enterprise capability by representing dozens of organizations becoming a partner for national and international organizations.

Covid 2020: Digitization & Automation

The Foundation accelerated the development of its own digital products building an in-house Member Dashboard software solution that automates common tasks like content submission and job posting

Our event initiatives were digitized and delivering greater value to the growing network of more advanced founders. 

The Foundation team is lead by President Dominika Walec.