, Basics of Key Performance Indicators, Objectives & Key Results
, Basics of Key Performance Indicators, Objectives & Key Results

Workshop 3 Overview

In this workshop, teams are introduced to performance evaluation frameworks and start to identify key metrics, objectives, and key results for their startup.  Founders will learn why it is important to measure the progress of your business and how to stay on track with your organizational goals. The presentation covers the OKR framework developed by Google,  data aggregation and visualization of progress to help founders make decisions. Founders will learn the difference between quantitative and qualitative data. More advanced measurement strategies like a balanced scorecard are also introduced.

Desired outcomes of this workshop:

  • Choose a tool to track metrics
  • Identify your KPI’s
  • Understand the Outcome & Key Results Framework


Date: Wednesday, August 12th

13:00 – 14:00 #OMGKRK Pre-Accelerator Office Hours


18:45 – 19:00 Soft Open

19:00 – 19:10 Workshop introduction & Pre-Accelerator housekeeping by Paweł Kulon Foundation Supporting #OMGKRK

19:10 – 20:15 Interactive workshop session with Beata Mosór-Szyszka focusing on KPI prioritization for early-stage startups, measuring and documentation tactics, implementing OKR framework and making data-driven decisions in your business.

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Workshop Assignment

  1. Create a Google Sheet where you will track your data through the conclusion on the program.
  2. Decide on a minimum of 3 top quantitative KPIs and 1 qualitative objective to measure through the conclusion of the Pre-Accelerator Program. Put the metrics in the spreadsheet and be prepared to start tracking the data every 2 weeks through Matchmaker Day. Review the #OMGKRK example and submit your spreadsheet link via the button below.
  3. During the interactive workshop, Founders will need to share their KPIs, explain why they chose these specific metrics, and what actions they will take based on the outcomes especially in regards to your Key Result by Matchmaker Day.
#OMGKRK Spreadsheet Example
Submit KPI Spreadsheet
, Basics of Key Performance Indicators, Objectives & Key Results


, Basics of Key Performance Indicators, Objectives & Key Results

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