Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch is an entertaining live event that creates a platform for the most promising early stage startups in Małopolska to pitch in front of angel investors called “Wawel Dragons” along with the general public in pursuit of support, investment and partnerships.

Inspired by the popular international format known as “Shark Tank” but with in a uniquely Krakow iteration, Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch puts a spotlight on empowering entrepreneurship and memorable audience experience in our “Dragons Cave” venue located in the -1 level of Hotel Forum on the bank of the mighty Wisła.

Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch is free and open to the public however seating is limited. Register Now!

Entrepreneurs are given 5 minutes on stage to pitch their product or service which must have a scalable business model in an attempt to convince the Wawel Dragons their company is deserving of their investment and engagement. The business presentation concludes with an initial “offer” to be considered by the Wawel Dragons. Startups are encouraged to use both data and innovative sales techniques to make their pitch memorable!


Note: Maximum of 6 startups will have the opportunity to pitch.


Wawel Dragons are established individuals in business who have a history of making investments, helping young companies grow and are actively looking to do it again.  After listening carefully to the pitches, the Wawel Dragons have 5 minutes to ask follow-up questions and for clarifications from the entrepreneurs regarding their company and its operations. Finally, the Wawel Dragons deliver feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the startup and respond to the entrepreneurs‘ offer. If unconvinced by the the pitch, the Wawel Dragons can pass on the opportunity. If they like what they hear, then we may have the beginning of a deal…


Disclaimer: Outcomes of the live Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch event are not legally binding and are subject to additional due diligence and negotiation.

Investors Present

Prize: inFakt Accounting Tool
Prize: 5 Hours Of Graphic Design From Funktional
Prize: 5 Hours Of Legal Services from JWMS Jakubowskie Wiese Mazgaj Staszek Law Firm
Prize: 1000 PLN

Beyond providing a platform to raise the brand visibility and awreness of a startup and engage directly with potential investors, the Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch II has several prizes for entrepreneurs to recieve for the acceleration of their business.

On the evening of Friday, October 19th, #OMGKRK transforms the rarely used event space located on the -1 level of Hotel Forum into the “Dragons Cave” providing a memorable setting for one of the best startup events of the year. The dark red walls and plush leather booths which provide seating for over 150 audience members surrounding the center stage where the spotlight will be on entrepreneurial startups and Wawel Dragons.

This project is realized with the financial support of the Małopolska Voivodeship.

Projekt realizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Województwa Małopolskiego.