About Dragons Cave Pre-Acceleration Program

In classic Krakow folklore, a merciless dragon once terrorized the city. The story goes that traditional thinking and  classic methods that were predicted to destroy the beast had failed. The challenge to destroy the dragon required innovative, unconventional thinking. Indeed, it took startup thinking to liberate Krakow from this tyranny. It is this legacy that continues at the Dragons Cave Pre-Accelerator.

The Dragons Cave Pre-Acceleration Program will develop 6 promising early stage startups from Małopolska over the course of ten weeks with six workshops, extensive one-on-one mentoring sessions, testing concepts with partners and conculding with Dragons Cave Pitch III in front of the general public and invited angel investors. Founders will develop an entreprenurial mindest, learn tools and gain knolwedge, find a product-market fit and create a roadmap for after the program concludes.

Program Timeline

April – Confirm Mentors

May – Confirm Partners And Program Profile

June – Team Recruitment

July – September – Workshops And Mentoring Sessions

October 25th – Demo Day during Krakow Startup Week 2019

Who Is The Program For?


Students interested in entrepreneurship and looking to build something great.


Programmers, designers or computer scientists not satisfied with building another boring website.


Professionals successful in theircurrent profession but looking to build something that scales.

Program Goals

Founders will:

  • Learn legal and tax fundamentals of operating a business
  • Understand scaleable business models and technologies
  • Build a working MVP and have a live website.
  • Secure first partners and clients.
  • Build presentation and pitching skills.
  • Create a roadmap post-program
  • Develop knowledge about local, national and international innovation ecosystem.


Workshop #1:

Led By:

Workshop #2:

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Workshop #3:

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Workshop #4:

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Workshop #5:

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Workshop #6

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The most important part of the pre-acceleration program are the mentors. These experienced startupers, executives, innovators and experts are ready to share their knowledge and give their time to teach and feedback teams. Each of the six teams will be given a lead mentor who will support them throughout the program. Additional members are available upon request.

Lead Mentors

Lead Mentors Responsibilities:

  • Working with 1 team throughout the entire program (Minimum 4 one-on-one mentoring sessions)
  • Intensive 3 hour workshop
  • Attendance of Demo Day
Richard Lucas - Serial Entrepreneur
Wiktor Sarota - CEO of InFakt
Bartosz Jozefowski - Head Of KPT ScaleUp
Przemysław Stanisz - Sales Expert
Michał Mojżesz - CEO of Archdesk
Simon Janicki - CEO of HCM Deck

Support Mentors

Support Mentors Responsibilities:

  • Teach 1 hour workshop in area of expertise
  • Available to meet with teams upon request (4 one-on-one mentoring sessions)
Piotr Bucki - Co-Founder of j-labs
Paweł Nowak - Serial Entrepreneur
Subhash C. Vashishtha - Site Lead at Symphony Solutions
Hubert Pokrowiecki - CEO Funktional
Maciej Gnutek - Investment Associate at Innovation Nest
Kasia Gola - Geek Goes Chic
Jan Marczynski - Lawyer

Demo Day

The Dragons Cave Pre-Acceleration Program comes to a grand conclusion at Wawel Dragons Cave PItch during Krakow Startup Week 2019 on Friday, October 25th, 2019. The event takes places in the -1 level of Hotel Forum where program partners, investors and the general public are invited to hear the startup final pitches. The event focus on both substance and audience experience that will create a memorable finish to an intense program.



Dragons Cave Demo Day


Applications open soon.



This project is realized with the financial support of Małopolska Voivodeship.


Strategic Partners


These investment funds are recieving regular updates about the development of teams in the program.

Past Batches

Wawel Dragons Cave Pitch I


Bióro Coworking

Plac Na Groblach 8